Storm Prey

John SandfordPublisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons , New York , 2010
ISBN:9780399156496 Classification: FicSan

New York Times Book Review - Marilyn Stasio ...a beautiful thing to behold. The sturdy scaffolding, designed to support two interconnecting story lines, allows readers to follow both the misadventures of an incompetent gang of thieves . . . and a complicated medical procedure to separate conjoined twins. . . . But the pretty construction job isn't all bricks and mortar. Sandford invests the villains with enough psychotic quirks to keep the action fast, jumpy and violent. And while none of the white hats can match the perverse appeal of a 20-year-old killer biker whose crazy father named him after a 1982 Chevy Caprice, that delicate operation is every bit as intense as all the other daredevil stunts in this manhunt.

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