Divine Justice

David BaldacciPublisher: Grand Central Pub. , New York , 2008
ISBN:9780446195508 Classification: FicBal

Susan O. Moritz - Library Journal: Justice is in the eye of the beholder. In Baldacci's fourth novel (after Stone Cold) in his "Camel Club" series, Oliver Stone (aka John Carr, ex-CIA assassin) is wanted dead by his enemies and alive by his friends. Stone is on the run after assassinating the two men responsible for the death of his family and his friend Milton. Now Stone's former superior, Gen. Macklin Hayes, enlists tracker Joe Knox to locate Stone so Hayes can silence Stone forever. During Stone's flight from the law, a random act of kindness by Stone forces him on an unwanted detour to Divine, VA. There, Stone's continued good deeds might end up costing him his life as he quickly gets tangled in the hidden web of deceit to which the town owes its prosperity. Meanwhile, both Stone's friends and enemies are furtively searching for him. Who will reach Stone first? Baldacci fans will welcome this latest tale about the charismatic Stone and his exceedingly loyal friends with its fast-paced action and intriguing plot twists. Highly recommended for all thriller collections.

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