Nic BishopPublisher: Scholastic Nonfiction , New York , 2012
ISBN:9780545206389 Classification: J597.96Bis

Publishers Weekly Calling snakes “strange, secretive, and surprising,” Bishop offers an excellent photographic guide to these reptiles in all their diversity. Striking magnified images depict a variety of snake species in the wild and in captivity, including a feathered bush viper (whose scales resemble tree leaves), garter snakes overwintering in a burrow, and an African egg-eating snake living up to its moniker. Bishop accompanies the photographs with factual information about each specimen, as well as observations about the snakes’ physical characteristics and behavior (“Extra-large scales on a snake’s belly act like the tread on your shoes”). Herpetologists in training, look no further. Ages 4–8. (Oct.)

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