Shadow and Bone

Leigh BardugoPublisher: Henry Holt , New York , 2012
ISBN:9780805094596 Classification: JBar

Children's Literature Alina and Mal, orphaned children from an early age, grew up as best friends in war-torn Ravka. Now, they are both part of the First Regiment and head across the Fold to get supplies from West Ravka. While journeying across the treacherous Fold, their regiment is attacked and Alina unleashes her dormant power to save Mal's life. News of this power quickly spreads to the Darkling, the leader of the King's army. Whisked away to become a member of the magical Grisha, Alina finds herself alone in a strange new place. She quickly falls for the mysterious Darkling, but continues to struggle to control her power as the sun-summoner. After months of having no contact with Mal, but harnessing this strange gift, Alina is shocked to be accosted by her teacher, Baghra. Baghra convinces Alina that the Darkling is trying to control the world by spreading the terrible Fold to anywhere that will not succumb to his power by using Alina's power. Alina flees Os Alta, but quickly finds she is unable to hide on her own. Alina is soon found and rescued by Mal. Even though they escape to safety, they are unsure of the Darkling's survival. The first in a new series, Bardugo teleports the reader into a magical world with Alina's story. A theme of love and forgiveness is woven throughout as Alina makes her way through this new life. Reviewer: Maggie L. Schrock

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